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Madison Meadow has several recurring gatherings that are open to the public.

Work Parties

Madison Meadow has several recurring gatherings that are open to the public. There are 4 or 5 work parties each year at various times, depending on the jobs that need doing and the weather. Snacks, drinks, gloves and tools are provided and kids are always welcome!


A typical to-do list might include:

  • Spreading donated chips around trees and shrubs and on paths

  • Weeding the butterfly garden

  • Planting new trees, shrubs and flowers

  • Blackberry removal

  • Trimming of dead branches


There is always plenty to do!


To find out more, watch the signboards at the Meadow, check our Facebook page, or ask to be included on our email list (you will only get invitations to work parties and our annual meeting).


Annual Meetings

Once a year the Meadow board hosts an Annual Meeting for voting members and the general public. The last few years the meetings have been held in the Meadow in September.


Often we have a guest speaker, such as Erik Burke from Friend of Trees, and always we provide a table of food and drinks. Please join us- find out more from the signboards, Facebook, or by joining our email list.

Community Involvement

In April, volunteers lead the Adams first graders through the Meadow for Earth Week — we can always use more volunteers.


A young people’s music “un-recital” is held every June featuring the students of "Music Compass." The Meadow is also used regularly by a nearby preschool and an Adams Elementary afterschool nature class.


The Meadow is usually a quiet place for a visit with our natural world, but we also get together with friends and neighbors to celebrate and care for our green island.

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