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We are a group of neighbors who formed the Madison Meadow nonprofit in order to purchase the meadow to preserve it as undeveloped space. As well as saving an essential element of our own community, we want to educate people on the importance of preserving habitat islands within suburban development.


The Meadow at 22nd Avenue and Madison Street in Eugene, Oregon, supports a far greater diversity of life than the surrounding lawns and gardens. Audubon Society members estimate that approximately 100 species of birds visit this valuable island of habitat. This diversity of life is not just good for animals and plants. It's good for people.

For decades, the two-acre meadow bordering 22nd Avenue at Madison Street has been shared by all of the life it supports, and that, collectively, makes it what it is. Generations of neighborhood children have played among grasses and wildflowers, madrone, filbert, apple, pear and cherry trees.

While we accept the necessity of development, we believe it essential to our well-being to maintain undeveloped places within our neighborhoods. The ideal of containing suburban sprawl through population density should not lead us to overlook the necessity of day-to-day contact with open, natural spaces. A key to wise development is knowing when not to build.

We Own It! It's Ours — And Yours!


Madison Meadow is private land held for the public benefit in perpetuity because of the incredible outpouring of support from the community in Eugene and from the larger community (as far away as Germany and Holland). The last dollar was raised in 2009, and Madison Meadow is now owned by a nonprofit group, also called Madison Meadow. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals who gave contributions of money, time and talent, from children and friends who put change in our collection jars to the anonymous donors, businesses and individuals who donated services and wonderful items and the many people who gave advice and encouragement. You have been amazing!

The meadow thanks you, too. In the summer Queen Anne's Lace and wild sweet pea are in full bloom buzzing with bees, its grasses are tipped with butterflies, its old orchard trees are dropping plums and apples, their branches filled with birdsong in the day and stars at night. Every other season offers its own special gifts and surprises for you to discover. Thank you from those who speak quietly.

How you can HELP

Madison Meadow needs to meet minimal expenses each year, detailed below. We also plan to expand our educational and community partnerships involving native plantings, wildlife habitat, neighborhood get-togethers and acting as an outdoor classroom for nearby schools. Please keep Madison Meadow on your donation list!

$465   Property Insurance
$ 50    State Corporation Fee
$ 60    PO Box
$ 165    Web Page
$ 700  Mowing and Tree Work


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